Track Your Rack

Track Your Rack is a mobile app created to keep track of nail polish collections. You're able to create new lists, add polishes, manage the lists you've created, and all from the ease of your Android phone! Unfortunately, I had to remove Track Your Rack from the app store as I no longer had time to manage development. Additionally, other apps that were more complete, had more people working on them, and had more features surfaced. The pieces are all still together, and I have the APK available for download below if you'd still like to see it!

Source Code |  APK Download

Excel to Word Converter

I created this small Java application to expedite data processing. The data gathered from surveys is only as useful as the person that is processing it. This program reads in an Excel file, and the output is a Microsoft Word document with the relevant information.

Source Code | Download

Excel to Word Converter GUI