I’m a lone developer, and a U.S. Navy veteran. I’m originally from Ohio, and turned 18 June 21, 2008. I enlisted in the Navy June 30th, 2008, and served as an Aviation Support Equipment Technician. I graduated boot camp in August of 2008, and went to Pensacola, FL, that same month for A-school training.

After I graduated A-school, I went to Lakehurst, NJ, as my first duty station. While in Lakehurst, I was eventually sent TAD to nearby Willow Grove, PA, in order to complete more hands-on work. While in Willow Grove, they saw my work ethic and sent me to paint school. There, I learned how to paint airplanes. As an AS, however, I only painted Support Equipment. I worked at Willow Grove in the paint shop for about 6 months, then my tour was up. My next orders were to USS George Washington (CVN-73) in Yokosuka, Japan. At this point, I had just made E-4 (Petty Officer 3rd class), and it was my 2nd time taking the advancement exam.

My orders to the USS George Washington were put on a slight hold, as this was in April 2011. When the tsunami/earthquake hit Japan, I was in Ohio while waiting for the powers-that-be to decide whether I would still continue to my duty station, or get put in a different command.

Eventually I was sent to Japan to start my 2-year tour on the George Washington. I was put in 900 division, with the rest of the AS’s on board. Shortly after joining the team, I started my first deployment. I was put on night shift, and most of my work on my first deployment had to do with preventive maintenance, as well as when a piece of gear went down in the hangar bay, I was one of the people that got called to fix it.

It was during this first deployment that we crossed the equator, and I became a shellback. That’s where this site’s namesake comes from. I’m quite proud of my service, as well as participating in the crossing the line ceremony.

Shortly after this first deployment, I picked up E-5 (Petty Officer 2nd class), my first time taking the advancement exam. At this point, I had only been in for about 3 1/2 years. Upon making 2nd class, I was put in charge of night shift for the next deployment, as well as picking up multiple collateral duties, such as Tool Room Petty Officer, Calibration Petty Officer, and a plethora of other duties. While on the boat, I also spent time as a Mess Decks Supervisor, for the Sailors working “front of house”, or where everyone eats. After my first deployment, most of my time in port was spent serving as security at various posts.

After my two years in Japan was up, it was time to transition out of the Navy and back into civilian life. I separated June 30th, 2011, and began my college career. My time in college was not nearly as exciting as my Navy life, so I will give the shortened version:

I started at Western Oregon University in September 2011, pursuing a dual Computer Science/Mathematics degree. I graduated June 17th, 2017. I started with absolutely no coding experience, and, now, I know AngularJS, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, C#, Python, and how to create .twig templates. The Excel Converter over on the “Projects” page is my first “real-world” project. From inception to completion, it’s my first true personal project. For more information, or any questions about what I’ve done / what I plan on doing, feel free to send me some feedback!